James Hansen on climate justice

Concern about climate change and damage to the natural world was what inspired the Garth garden at its inception. Here is NASA scientist James Hansen, the Grandfather of climate change speaking on the subject of climate justice and the realities of what we are faced with. This is the science,  not the politics and he argues strongly for a carbon tax to help drive down emissions. The implications of this are significant and requires us all to think again about our relationship with energy and fossil fuels.

Hansen talks about getting Co2 levels back to 350 to be able to achieve energy balance again, on a planetary scale. This he states is the only way to stop a warming planet. The implications are enormous, and any soil scientist will tell you the best place to store carbon is in the soils. Organic gardens and local farms are net sequestrators of carbon and will have a big role to play in our future responses to both food security and carbon reduction priorities.