About Us

Some time back in 2006 a group of friends began thinking more seriously about issues such climate change and saw that promoting local food and developing organic gardens are things that all people can get involved with. They felt a strong need to feel like they are doing something useful and positive in regard to these huge issues and wanted to initiate something locally. Plus of course the stronger our local communities, and the more we know each other then the more likely we will be able in future to come together to face whatever challenges adversity throws at us so it seemed like a sensible place to start.

An unused, unloved piece of steep land was identified as a potential garden site and permission obtained to develop it as a community space. Using organic, permaculture and wildlife friendly approaches a beautiful and productive garden has since been developed where once was only a gorse thicket. They have built fertile soil, a healthy population of wildlife and an amazing productive garden that is an inspiration to anyone who visits it.

Here is a slide-show of the early days of development at the garden, put together in 2008. It was an extraordinary transformation and stands as a testament to permaculture design methods and their possibilities.

Here here is a more recent one, put together in late 2015.